elizas_art (elizas_art) wrote in daypainters,

Is it dinner time?

I have been painting every day (with a day off when I was sick) but I haven't been posting every day. I've been into my new pastels and having a ball with them, although they are still a little bit scary! Did a still life workshop yesterday which taught me a lot - it taught me that I don't like still life and that most of the "teachers" don't know as much as I know. ARGH!!! I sat there saying "isn't there anything you want to say about it?" and she would reply "it's very good!" and I'd say "isn't there anything you can critic?" and she would reply "no, not yet" and I'd think (although I didn't say it) "then why did I pay $40 for this?"

But I am going again. There is a landscape in oils and I suck at landscapes. And there is one coming up that I'm really looking forward to, live drawing in pastels. I love the flesh colors in pastels and the teacher is a very good artist so hopefully she will be more forthcoming then the girl yesterday.

I've been putting up lots of cats in the last week. Running out of them now! Finally put up the "big" one, 9" x 12" is big enough when you have to post it around the world!

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